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Pre-Production ParkerVision WR1500 Router

ParkerVision Inc. produced a line of 802.11b wireless adapters and routers in 2003-2005. They advertised over 1 mile of coverage utilizing both their router and adapter together, and indeed, they were capable of accomplishing this distance under suitable environments.

ParkerVision released two routers, the WR1500 for retail sales and the WR3000 for value added resellers. An 802.11g version of the router was in development and was close to release when ParkerVision pulled the plug on retail sales and development in June 2005. The remaining inventory of 802.11b products was liquidated, staff was laid off, and ParkerVision moved on to other ventures.

Download the WR1500 User's Guide

PDF format, 2.9 MBytes

Download the WR1500 Quick Start Guide

PDF format, 3.1 MBytes

There are still many ParkerVision wireless routers in use. I am supporting this download site for those of you who still appreciate the quality and signal strength of the ParkerVision products. The manuals on this page are applicable to both the WR1500 and the WR3000 routers. Both routers ran the same firmware internally.

User's Guide Typo

The default IP address for the routers is The wrong address is printed in the documentation.

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