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ParkerVision 802.11b Products

ParkerVision Inc. produced a line of 802.11b wireless adapters and routers in 2003-2005. They advertised over 1 mile of coverage utilizing both their router and adapter together, and indeed, they were capable of accomplishing this distance under suitable environments.

ParkerVision released its first 802.11b wireless adapters in October 2003, first under the Horizons Wireless brand and then as ParkerVision SignalMax. The adapters were a technical success, but ultimately ParkerVision was unable to compete against the marketing muscle of the wireless industry leaders. An 802.11g version of the Cardbus and USB adapters and a new G router were in development and were close to release when ParkerVision pulled the plug on retail sales and development in June 2005. The remaining inventory of 802.11b products was liquidated, staff was laid off, and ParkerVision moved on to other ventures.

Download the ParkerVision 2.2 Driver

zip format, 22.5 MBytes

There are still many ParkerVision wireless adapters in use. I am supporting this download site for those of you who still appreciate the quality and signal strength of the ParkerVision products. Version 2.2 was the last released version of the ParkerVision driver. The download on this website will work for all ParkerVision (PV1500/USB1500) and Horizons Wireless (HZ1500/HZ1500USB) 802.11b adapters.


The driver download package contains the drivers for both PCMCIA and USB adapters, the PVConfig GUI, and PDF User Guides in a single Zip file. Unzip the contents and double-click "Setup.exe". You must extract the files to run the installation wizard, do not run Setup.exe inside a compressed folder. Follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard. The default selections are suitable for most users. Install your ParkerVision adapter and double-click the PVConfig icon on your desktop. Note that the ParkerVision PVConfig GUI will not appear unless a recognized ParkerVision adapter is found on the system.

Secret Setting

When you remove a ParkerVision adapter from your system, the D2D icon remains in your toolbar and the software driver remains in system memory. The logo has a red circle over it to indicate that the adapter is not present. You can make the logo go away completely if you change a Registry Key. Open regedit and find the key for HKCU\Software\ParkerVision\PVConfig\Settings. Modify (or add) a DWORD value named "411c Compat" and set its data to 1 (the default setting is 0). The next time you remove an adapter, the ParkerVision logo will disappear and the software driver will unload. If you re-insert the adapter, you will need to manually open the ParkerVision PVConfig utility.

Vista Drivers

ParkerVision never developed Vista drivers for their wireless adapters. Microsoft changed a lot of the driver requirements when they developed the Vista operating system. They claim that some XP drivers will work with Vista, but they also recommend that you obtain a proper Vista driver for all hardware. I do not expect that the ParkerVision XP drivers will work with Vista, but I do not have a Vista system to test this theory on. If anybody has successfully installed a ParkerVision wireless adapter on a Windows Vista machine, please contact me. Lots of people want to accomplish this, and I have been telling them that it isn't possible.

About The Author

I worked for ParkerVision Inc. until the retail R&D staff layoff in June 2005. I built the PVConfig GUI and InstallShield wizard, and I maintained the wireless adapter device drivers. If you are having trouble running a ParkerVision adapter, I may be able to help you. Just drop me an email ( and I'll try to help. I do not have access to the original software source code and I cannot make any modifications to the GUI or device drivers.

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